Carcavelos Parede


Apartment T3
Structure: Wood
Decade of construction: 40
Intervention: Interiors Design,
Constrution Planning,
Management and Execution
Work: Full refurbishment

Construction planning, management and execution
Interiors Design


Complete refurbishment of an apartment built before 1950 (located in Parede), inserted in a building with recent intervention in common spaces.

Typical apartment with strong Portuguese traits, with wooden structure and solid wood floors, doors, and high ceilings.

The new owners of this property, for the purpose of using the property as their own home, intend to return the original uses of the rooms and above all to recover all the original elements.

The wooden floors will be smoothed and varnished, the carpentry (doors and shutters) will be recovered as well as the walls in traditional stucco.

False ceilings will be applied in general (except in the living room, where the original traditional plasterwork will be kept), right after the technical infrastructures have been implemented.

In the kitchen, the original chimney will be unusable, new furniture will be installed that will take advantage of all the available height and floor plan and hydraulic mosaic will be applied to the floor.

In contrast to the original elements recovered, the new elements will be contemporary, which will be verified in terms of ceramic coverings, sanitary equipment, and furniture.

The exterior window frames will be replaced by new PVC and double glazing (with better thermal and acoustic characteristics), respecting the original metric.

It will be another example of a good combination of functional and contemporary solutions, but with great respect for the existing heritage.