Company Framework

Real estate renovation specialists

Real estate renovation has been the subject of increased interest in recent years, particularly in the central areas of major cities, and demand is increasing, as is the demand for quality.

With the development of rehabilitation for a few years now, countless traditional companies of new construction have entered the rehabilitation market without being minimally prepared to provide an ideal technical response. Urban rehabilitation lacks operators with comprehensive knowledge, who can advise and accompany investors from the acquisition process, through the project and work, to the profitability of the properties.

It is no longer feasible to acquire a property, either for profitability or for your own home, without having a clear idea of the profitability of the investment, that is, it is necessary to know the amount necessary for the rehabilitation of the property even before the acquisition because the budget for the work will have to be different if it is a rehabilitation for investment or if it is for own home, given that in the first case the approach is purely rational and in the second case it is necessary to customize according to the aesthetics of each client.

By entrusting your project to Placemaker, you can count on flexibility and easy adaptation to your aesthetic goals and budget. The interpretation of your needs, tastes and financial availability are our added value. Whether there are very or little defined ideas and greater or lesser financial availability, our experience in the area of property rehabilitation will always guide your project in the best way.

You will have the best advice at all stages. We put experience in your favor on the various options, whether in acquisition, needs analysis, choice of materials, equipment, legal information, technical conditions or the best profitability. By moving on to rehabilitation you will have the unique opportunity to create a truly personalized space – a unique space tailored to you.


We guarantee:

  • Custom design
    Developed jointly with the customer - we don't impose solutions.
  • Detailed quotes
    Discriminated with all equipment, materials, labor cost, legal guarantees and execution deadlines.
  • Specialized teams
    Experience, knowledge about all types of buildings (cage, partition, donkey brick, masonry, concrete and metal structures).
  • Exclusive dedication
    We only carry out comprehensive rehabilitation projects, we do not disperse ourselves into small arrangements and/or maintenance so as not to compromise the final quality of each project.
  • Absence of intermediaries
    A single interlocutor in all phases of the project.
  • Legal authorization
    Building permit;
    Real Estate License;
    Occupational Accident Insurance;
    Liability Insurance;
  • Execution capacity
    Rigor and constructive solutions and custom designed and executed furniture.
  • Customer focus
    We do not impose technical or aesthetic solutions, we work together with the client.
    Online client area for consultation and digital file.
  • Management
    Monitoring and daily supervision of the entire work process.