The property rehabilitation business witnessed a very sharp growth over the last few years, particularly in the central areas of the major cities, where the demand is increasing, as well as the search for quality. With the crisis in the construction area, many companies entered the market without being properly prepared for it. Urban rehabilitation lacks players with extensive knowledge and the ability to advise and accompany investors from the search for a property to the design, construction and profit maximization stages.

It is no longer conceivable to purchase a property, either for profit maximization or home ownership, without having a clear notion of the profitability of the investment; in other words, we need to know the amount required to rehabilitate the property before purchasing it, as the overall budget will vary according to whether the purchase is meant for investment or home ownership because, in the former case, we have a purely rational approach, while in the latter case we need to customize the solution according to the customer's taste.

A successful rehabilitation starts with a correct choice of the property, based on an analysis of its characteristics, needs, possibilities and legal constraints, as well as with the correct definition of the budget, ensuring that it is not underestimated or overestimated in terms of profit maximization or financial feasibility.

Placemaker is able to accompany its customers by providing consultancy services until they find the right property, being responsible for the interior design project and the subsequent monitoring, supervision and execution of the construction works and, finally, if required, for providing profit maximization support.

All the services required as part of your project, from consultancy, surveys, the architectural project, the interior design project to the monitoring and supervision of the construction works are comprised in the cost, and Placemaker will be the only interlocutor throughout the entire process. With Placemaker there are no mediators and/or franchisees and the control of the investment always rests with the customer.


We specialize in integral rehabilitation. With the Placemaker there are no mediators and / or franchisees and the control of the investment is always on the client side.

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