Marvila Lisboa


House V5
Structure: Masonry and light concrete
Decade of construction: 40
Intervention: Interiors Design,
Planning Application,
Management and Execution
Work: Full refurbishment

Construction planning, management and execution
Interiors Design
Planning Application


An old warehouse in Marvila that over the decades has been serving different uses always linked to trade and services will now be the target of a deep intervention.

We will soon transform this warehouse into a memorable triplex single-family house.

In a first phase, the entire building will undergo a profound structural intervention, reinforcing the stability and seismic behavior, preparing the structure for layout changes. We will change the vertical circulation, implanting the stairs next to the entrance that will develop along the 3 floors.

The ground floor will be used for the social area, which, due to its dimensions, will allow the creation of several distinct living areas as well as an open space kitchen, the Social Bathroom, and a technical area.

On the central floor will be allocated children's rooms, visits, and support rooms as well as a laundry room.

The private area, reserved for the master suite which includes a walking closet, a private room and the work area is installed on the upper floor, taking advantage of the entire attic that due to its size and right foot it was possible to license as a residential use.

On the roof, skylights will be installed to illuminate the stairwell, guaranteeing the arrival of natural light on the ground floor, also illuminating the open staircase, which ensures strong vertical communication between the floors. A mansard window will be installed in the work area for greater connection to the outside.

Thermal insulation, natural ventilation, air conditioning are aspects of great importance and will be subject to specific intervention, in addition to new technical installations.

Despite being a loft, the atmosphere will be welcoming and enveloping, suitable for family comfort, which is achieved with the choice of materials such as natural wood on the stairs, traditional cladding, bespoke carpentry elements and the central fireplace.

The classic touch applied in a contemporary way present in some design options, in the kitchen and bathrooms refers to the history of the building and the neighborhood, framing and personalizing the entire project