The rehabilitation of buildings has been the target of a very sharp growth in recent years, particularly in central areas of major cities, demand is growing, as well as the requirement on quality.

With the crisis in the area of civil construction, enumeras companies have entered the market of rehabilitation without preparing for it. The urban rehabilitation needs with comprehensive knowledge of players who are able to advise and monitor investors since the fundraiser, passing by the project and work up to the value of the property.

It is not feasible to acquire a property is to profitable use, either for their own house without having a clear idea of the profitability of the investment, i.e. it is necessary to know what the amount needed for the rehabilitation of the property even before the acquisition because the budget of the work should be different if a rehabilitation for investment or if it is to own their own homes, because in the first case we have a purely rational approach and in the second case there that customize in function of the aesthetics of each client.

A work of rehabilitation of success is born with the correct choice of the property, analyzing their characteristics, needs, possibilities and legal framework as well as a correct definition of the budget for the rehabilitation, ensuring that the same is not underestimated or overestimated for the property regarding its profitability or financial feasibility.

The placemaker can accompany their customers since the phase of pure consulting to find the property right, passing then to the project of interiors and subsequent monitoring, supervision and execution of work, finished in the optional value of the property.

All services that are applicable to your project, from consulting, survey design, architecture, design, monitoring the supervision of work are always lumped in the cost of labor, being the sole interlocutor Placemaker from the beginning to the end of the whole process.


We specialize in integral rehabilitation. With Placemaker you will have only one interlocutor and a single budget, which includes without charge all services (consulting, technical analysis, survey execution, architectural design, design, 3D images, work map, management and daily supervision of the work).

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