Lisboa Restelo 2

Restelo 2

House V9
Structure: Wood
Decade of construction: 40
Intervention: Interiors Design,
Management and Execution
Work: Full refurbishment

Construction planning, management and execution
Interiors Design


Mosaic Piscinagres

Mosaic Piscinagres
Recovered original marbles

Recovered original marbles

Sanitary Sanindusa - Vintage

Sanitary Sanindusa - Vintage


The redevelopment of this large villa located in restelo and intended to lease, was performed with a view to the recovery of all original elements, with particular attention to the maintenance of the original coatings in sanitary installations in natural marble panels.

The challenge was to renew all the water and sewage networks while preserving the original elements, this form was outlined a trace by adjoining rooms, making hurricanes only at points of supply of toilets, in order to maintain the maximum original panels. In the walls where it was altogether impractical were applied new coatings that communicate well with existing elements, so the choice fell on glass pad in tones that were present in natural marbles. In this way I kept to the spirit of the season but have the spaces with new elements and functional. The toilets are chosen from classic model and remained the usages.

In the rest of the divisions, after renovation of the electricity network, were recovered all elements of wood as the doors, shutters and footers and all the pavement in laminate board race was recovered by means of trimming and varnishing.