To entrust your project to placemaker can count on flexibility and easy adaptation to their aesthetic objectives and budget, the interpretation of their needs, tastes and financial availability is our added value. Either there is too much or too little defined ideas and greater or lesser financial availability, our experience in the area of rehabilitation of buildings will always be the best way your project.

Our attitude is always advise in all stages, putting in favor of the client our experience on the various options, either in the acquisition, analysis of needs, in the choice of materials, equipment, legal information, technical conditions or at best value. When you make a rehabilitation there is a unique opportunity to create a truly custom - a unique space to its extent.

We guarantee:


  • Custom Design
    Developed in conjunction with the client - We do not impose solutions.

  • Detailed budgets
    Broken down with all the equipment, materials, cost of labor, legal guarantees and implementation deadlines.

  • Extensive technical experience
    Knowledge about all kinds of built (cage, scuttle, donkey, brick masonry, concrete and metal structures).

  • Exclusive Dedication
    We only execute integral rehabilitation projects, we do not disperse in small arrangements and / or maintenance so as not to compromise the final quality of each project.

  • Absence of intermediaries
    A single interlocutor in all phases of the project.

  • Legal capacity
    Construction Permit; Real Estate License; Insurance for accidents at work and Civil Liability

  • Ability to Execute
    Rigor and constructive solutions and furniture designed and executed to measure.
  • Management
    Daily monitoring and supervision throughout the process of work.

  • Focus on the customer
    Client Area online for consultation and digital archiving











A full refurbishment work that requires technical expertise, is not consistent with the typical man for all the work - specialized teams, duly legalized and well coordinated is the key to a work of quality.

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