By entrusting your project to Placemaker, you can rely on flexibility; our advantage is our ability to adjust our projects to your aesthetic and financial goals, to understand your needs, taste and financial situation. Whether your ideas are clear or vague, and regardless of your financial availability, our experience in the urban rehabilitation area will always ensure the best possible outcome.
We believe we should provide assistance at all stages of the project, putting our experience with different options at the service of the customers, be it for the purchase of properties, the analysis of needs, the choice of materials, suppliers, legal information, technical conditions or optimal profit maximization. A rehabilitation is a unique opportunity to create a truly customized space - a unique space tailored to suit your needs.
We guarantee:

  • Detailed quotes that describe all the equipment, materials, labour costs, statutory guarantees and construction deadlines.
  • Extensive experience with all kinds of buildings ("gaiola", wood partitions, brick, masonry, concrete and metal structures)
  • We are exclusively focused on offering comprehensive rehabilitation solutions; we don't deal with small repairs to avoid compromising the final quality of our work.
  • No intermediaries.
  • We adjust each project to the customer's goals - we don't impose solutions.
  • Customized furniture - tailored design and construction.
  • Control and supervision of the entire construction process.
  • A single interlocutor for all the project stages.

A comprehensive rehabilitation, which requires technical specialization, cannot be dealt with by a typical jack-of-all-trades - specialized teams, properly certified and coordinated, are the key for quality.

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