Cascais Carcavelos 1

Carcavelos 1

House V2
Structure: Reinforced concrete
Decade of construction: 70
Intervention: Interiors Design,
Management and Execution
Work: Full refurbishment

Construction planning, management and execution
Interiors Design


Composite Deck - CDeck

Composite Deck - CDeck
Outdoor floor - Concrete tiles - Macel

Outdoor floor - Concrete tiles - Macel
Mosaic - Pavigres Serie P21

Mosaic - Pavigres Serie P21


A house in a state of war, that is, a work previously started and abandoned, was the starting point of this project. The intervention was integral, in particular new networks of expertise (aguas, sewage, electricity and air conditioning), the structure of the existing Annex had to be strengthened and were implemented new sanitary facilities and kitchen.

The covering in ceramic tile was replaced, integrating the new proper thermal insulation and sub-tile, the windows were executed in aluminum with collapse of thermal bridge in color anthracite and the facades and walls recovered and painted white.

This house has gained a new life and in particular with the integration of exterior spaces composed of different areas and materials that have combined perfectly, with the front lawn, composite deck in a meal to tardoz and access zone with an original concrete lajeta in red color.

We have new floating floor de Carvalho, with integration of ports and footers lacquered in white, benefiting the natural lighting by providing spaces for more light.

A small shelter that takes in the great outdoors.