Lisboa Campo Grande 2

Campo Grande 2

Apartment T4
Structure: Reinforced concrete
Decade of construction: 70
Intervention: Interiors Design,
Management and Execution
Work: Full refurbishment

Construction planning, management and execution
Interiors Design


Kitchen countertop - Compac Venecia

Kitchen countertop - Compac Venecia
Floor varnish BONA

Floor varnish BONA
Bathroom glass sinks - Bellian

Bathroom glass sinks - Bellian


A generous apartment T4, with areas well organized, were provided a good basis for work, for which the functional areas were maintained with only slight modifications, a former maid room transformed into the dining room connected to the kitchen, giving it greater amplitude, and in the area of movement, a change of location of gaps created a suite with closet.

Although generally the conservation status page be reasonable it was necessary to modernise and rehabilitate, since soon with the need to renew the networks of water, sewage, electricity and air conditioning. In everything else ruled the existing recovery, with emphasis to the parquet flooring of eucalyptus that has gained a new dimension to be colored with stain Bonn wenge color. All the woodwork were recovered in work, as well as the marble floors of the hall that has been polished and glazed, thus maintaining the classic spirit of the property.

In the kitchen an original choice of materials and color accents resulted in a pleasant space and functional with emphasis to the vinyl flooring, very durable and easy to maintain, which at the same time gives the space a feeling of comfort.